Tom Wolf Walks a Day in Our Shoes

Every political candidate runs for office. But it takes a special candidate to walk a day in our shoes.

That’s what candidate for Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolf did Friday, October 3, when he spent a day working with Philadelphia home care attendant Aretha Spady.

tom and aretha“I’m here to learn,” Wolf said, as he met Spady at the home of consumer Leroy Evans. Soon, Wolf was working with Spady to change Evans’ sheets, do his laundry, and sweep the floor.

“The reason I decided to do this is because home care is really important,” said Wolf in a video about the day. “I have a 93-year-old father and a 91-year-old mother. They’re both still at home and they depend on home health care workers.”

“People want to stay in their homes,” Wolf said. “That’s going to require more people like Aretha who are willing and able to provide the services that people like my parents want.”

And as Wolf learned firsthand, providing those services is serious work. “As I leave today, I’ll take a renewed appreciation of the hard work that goes into this,” he said, “and the importance of how we figure out that home health care is a real option.”

As the day came to a close, Spady noted that Wolf “thanked me countless times for doing the job that I do.”

“People see Mr. Wolf as our next governor, but I had the honor of seeing Mr. Wolf as Tom,” she said. “It was wonderful.”

Now that Wolf’s back on the campaign trail, it’s good to know he’s running with home care workers in mind.

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